Biology Lab


Science students get hands-on experience with sophisticated scientific equipment in laboratories. Then the combination of class room and hands – on lab work are connected to the real world.Entry into the lab is strictly regulated. The number of students who can enter a lab at a time is left to the discretion of the teacher concerned. Students will have to compensate for the loss or damage of any equipment in the lab. Students are advised to use lab equipment with extreme care in order to avoid accidents

The study of biology provides students with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. Biology is the study of life and its evolution, of organisms and their structures, functions, processes and interactions with each other and with their environment. Scientific enquiry is the primary process by which scientific knowledge is gained.

In physics class, lab is central, integral and sacred. More than a mere place in the back of the classroom, the laboratory is the place where physics students do physics. It is in the laboratory that physics students learn to practice the activities of scientists asking questions, performing procedures, collecting data, analyzing data, answering questions, and thinking of new questions to explore.

Our Chemistry lab is used for scientific research take many forms because of the differing requirements of specialists in the various fields of science and engineering our students are free to use out lab for their studies. Well equipped labs help the students with cutting edge technology and the much needed experience.