The school is ideally located at the cross roads leading from the well known towns of  Idukki District, ie Kumily, Kattappana & Mundakayam. Kuttikanam is known for its many educational institutions where St. Pius X School is like a jewel in its crown. It is a blessed land with serene and soulful surroundings. God seems to reveal himself through many ways here- beautiful hills, waterfalls, lush green valleys, mild climate, prevailing winds and seasonal rains provide magical atmosphere to the school. Nature seems to be at its best here always.

                The beautiful school campus is conducive to learning. There is always a cool breeze making you fresh and alive,  in short, it is the best place to get educated. The thick mists from the mountain tops tumbled down spicy, fragrant, breezy winds to  form and inspire those who reside within the walls of this hallowed institution making learning easy for those who thirst knowledge. In short the dreamy place  is the best place to get educated, who crave for the very best in the world. The school emblem given herein depicts in symbols what the school stands for. In science, arts, mathematics, literature, computer and agriculture, there are  materials to meet the information requirements in all fields of knowledge.